IPA Commercial Certificate

Posted 23 September 2019.

IPA Commercial Certificate Video

​This qualification has been created to give future industry leaders an education in agency finance, to help with those important client conversations and to build the understanding that you need to create great work that delivers a great profit.


8 hours of online learning, culminating in a 30 minute online exam.


Primarily for Senior Account Manager & Account Director level (or equivalent), the qualification is also suitable for any staff that want to raise their commercial nous and get a better understanding of the commercial factors influencing agencies and clients.


The qualification is made up of seven sections, which will each form a learning path in the online programme.

These are the 7 learning paths culminating in a 30 minute online exam.

1. The language of finance

  • This learning path introduces the roles and responsibilities within a finance department as well as the key stages within the financial planning and reporting process

2. KPIs – the key numbers for agencies

  • This learning path looks at KPIs including the different KPIs that can be used to measure any number of metrics across an organisation and their importance

3. Fees – how agencies are paid

  • Here we explore how fee payment structures have evolved as well as the advantages and disadvantages of various models of payment

4. Finance and Production

  • Finance is a key element of everybody’s role within an agency because how an agency handles finances is essential for success. This learning path looks at some of the financial processes adopted within an agency including the new business process, scope of work and payment process. It also examines a typical TV production process and the stages and tasks that need to be completed to ensure a TV commercial is delivered successfully

5. Finance and Media Agencies

  • Finance is also a key element within a media agency. This learning path looks at media specific finance issues including credit insurance, client approval process and media bookings

6. Contracts

  • A key part of any client/agency relationship is the contract that governs that relationship. Although some clauses of the contract are legal in nature, most are commercial points that should be understood by the account teams working on the client account. This learning path concentrates on some of the key points to be aware of when negotiating or complying with the terms of a contract

7. Client P&L

  • Understanding the client profit and loss account enables agencies to discuss and agree with the client how success of a campaign will be measured and how the agency will be paid. This learning path looks at some of the financial terminology likely to be used by clients and the potential measures and metrics by which success could be measured


  • The qualification is open throughout the year; except when the content is going through an annual update. The exam is taken after the online learning is complete. A certificate of completion is awarded to all delegates who successfully pass the exam. Candidates will be required to complete the online learning 6 months after signing up. The online access will be ceased after 6 months period.


Members only - $500 + GST

See IPA Commercial Certificate Terms & Conditions HERE


Complete the registration form and send it to marlen@commscouncil.nz to register now!

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The IPA will issue you a login and password within 5 working days. You can then commence the course.

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Comms Council Events Coordinator
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Any further questions, contact Industry Development Manager Marlen Smith